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If you’re a Property Owner or Manager, you’ll find MAC Recycling a perfect partner to help provide free recycling services to your tenants, customers and neighbors, while offering added specialty leasing and ancillary revenue. MAC Recycling has a long history of success with Property Management and ownership because of the proven service, maintenance and responsiveness that we provide.

We operate in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Make it easier, safer and more convenient for people to recycle.

Support your customers and community in their efforts to be responsible citizens and improve the health of our planet.

Help poor people around the world find affordable, usable clothing.

Reduce the stress on our nation’s landfills.

Make a positive statement about your commitment to the community and the environment.

Build traffic to your site, store and location as more and more people recycle their used clothing.

A MAC clothing recycling bin at your location is a win-win for everyone.

Why Property Managers Love Doing Business with MAC

MAC does not rely on temp labor. All of our drivers and route helpers are employees of the company.
In-house logistics and routing allows us to track our drivers with real time GPS and weight reporting to ensure proper service and prevent bin overflow.
Our legal team works with zoning departments and code enforcement to remain in compliance with all bin-related ordinances across all areas that we operate in.
We pride ourselves on timely payments on all of our leases and accounts. As long as the bin(s) are on your property, your payment is guaranteed.
We monitor your property for un-authorized containers.
We offer one point of contact for all of our partners, whether it is a need for an updated certificate of insurance, a copy of a rent check, a lease renewal, emergency service request or any other bin related need.

MAC Recycling is a professional recycling company and we make sure that everything you do with us is done that way.

We take care of the placement, maintenance and management. Our bins are attractive, well-kept and always neat and clean. Our drivers are well-trained, efficient and professional. We are never more than a phone call away.

The bottom line is since we placed our very first clothing recycling bin in 2005, we have worked hard to make it easy to work with us and easy for you to provide safe and convenient recycling services to your customers and community.

We feel our mission statement says it best:

We strive to be an industry leader and to maintain a superior level of honesty and integrity in all our interactions with business partners, local communities, property managers, business owners and associates.

Let’s partner up right now!

“I would like to compliment Mid-Atlantic Clothing Company (MAC), who is responsible for the statewide Maryland D.A.R.E. Clothing Collection Program, for their performance in placing and maintaining their clothing collection boxes located on several Federal Realty Investment (FRIT) properties. I have been satisfied with the professionalism of MAC while maintaining their clothing collection boxes at our site and I would recommend them to any business that is considering clothing collection boxes on their property.”

Vicki Bromble, Director of Specialty Leasing
Federal Realty Investment Trust

Who are we?

Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling (MAC) is a professional clothing recycling company. We’re committed to helping American’s achieve another important step in recycling. The recycling of used clothing and shoes.

We contribute to the environment by helping to keep millions of pounds of solid waste out of our nation’s landfills by making it safe, easy and convenient for communities to recycle used clothing.

Fundraising Opportunities

If you're a school, church or other type organization you can change your used clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into an easy and fun way to raise funds for your organization.

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