If you’re a school, church or other type organization you can change your used clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into an easy and fun way to raise funds for your organization.

MAC Recycling can help you create a used clothing drive and turn unwanted clothes into much needed dollars. Think of it as an “Out-of-Fashion” show where everyone gets to clean out their closets and clean up on some cash for your organization.

Here’s what you do. Simply complete the information sheet and fax or email it to our office with your preferred dates for the Used Clothing Drive. We will contact you to confirm the date. Next send out a flier and e-mail announcing your Used Clothing Drive and the length of time for the drive. Once you’ve collected the used clothing packed in tied plastic bags, we do the rest. We’ll pick it up on the scheduled day, pay you by the pound and send you a check within 2 weeks for your organization. Many organizations have raised upwards of $4,000.00. Talk about rags to riches…

Here’s what we do. We pick up what you’ve collected in our trucks, bring the used clothing to our warehouse and prepare it for shipment around the world. Often those who couldn’t afford it, get good, clean, usable, clothing for pennies. What’s not wearable is then recycled and turned into industrial rags or shredded into fiber.

All this means more money for your organization, more wearable clothing for people around the world and a lot less in our
nation’s landfills.

Contact MAC Recycling at 410-356-2717 to help you get your fund raiser going today.

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    Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling (MAC) is a professional clothing recycling company. We’re committed to helping American’s achieve another important step in recycling. The recycling of used clothing and shoes.

    We contribute to the environment by helping to keep millions of pounds of solid waste out of our nation’s landfills by making it safe, easy and convenient for communities to recycle used clothing.

    Property Managers

    If you're a Property Manager, you'll find MAC Recycling a perfect partner to help provide recycling services to your tenants, customers and neighbors. MAC Recycling has a long history of success with Property Managers because of the service and maintenance
    we provide.

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