Frequently Asked Questions

1. Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling – What kind of company is it?

Mac Recycling is a professional clothing recycling company located in Maryland. We’re committed to helping American’s achieve another important step in recycling; the recycling of used clothing and shoes in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, North Carolina and South Carolina. To do this, we receive approval to place clothing collection bins in parking lots of shopping centers, business owners, schools and churches to accept used clothing, shoes, stuffed animals, and household textiles such as linens, towels, curtains and blankets that otherwise might end up in landfills.

2. Won’t MAC Recycling be competing with charities that collect clothing?

Not at all. Despite the best efforts of charities and thrift stores, more than 2,500,000,000 pounds of used clothing ends up in the landfill each year. What’s more, the average person adds more than 67 pounds of clothing to the pile each year. We know that many of us want to donate our bags of clothing and shoes to charities like Goodwill Industries, the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and other worthwhile charities. We support your generosity and personal decision in every way. We also contribute items to these charities and others for them to sell in their thrift stores. We want to put every reusable article of clothing or household textile back into the hands of people that can use them.

3. What happens to the clothing, shoes, and other textiles after they are picked up from the bins?

They are brought back to our factory and prepared for shipment to 2nd and 3rd world countries. The bales are loaded into cargo containers where they are sold as “raw bales” or often times sorted for sale in open-air markets, bazaars or local secondhand shops. These shops not only become a valuable source of affordable clothing, but create jobs as well. We are helping to provide usable clothing to millions of people that may not otherwise be able to afford usable clothing and shoes.

4. Why is recycling clothing and shoes so important?

Did you know that clothes and shoes take up more space than any other non-durable goods in the solid waste stream? As we increase our recycling of these items, we actually reduce the expense of hauling them away and putting them in the earth. That is an obvious benefit to the environment and it saves both your dollars (in hauling expenses) as well as tax dollars (in landfill expenses). Secondly, there so many people worldwide that desperately need clothing and shoes and can’t afford to buy new. We guarantee that your usable used clothing, shoes, belts, and purses will go to places where it will be provided to truly needy people at prices that even they can afford.

5. Why should property / store managers or business owners allow a clothing recycling bin on their property?

It is very obvious that many people are concerned with our environ- ment and want to recycle their clothing and shoes rather than throw them away. You can give people in your community the opportunity to recycle where they shop. It also shows your commitment to helping to reshape recycling in your area. We take care of the placement, maintenance and management. Our bins are attractive, well kept, always neat and clean. They occupy less than one parking space. They are fully insured and serviced as often as necessary to maintain a neat and orderly appearance. Our drivers are well trained, efficient and professional. We are never more than a phone call away.

6. What items does MAC Recycling accept or not accept?

Acceptable Items
Used clothing
Household linens
Paired shoes
Stuffed animals
Pocketbooks / purses

Non Acceptable Items
Wet textiles
Oil soaked textiles
Rugs and carpeting
Mattresses / Furniture
Books, CD’s, VCR tapes
Kitchenware, Hard Toys
Bric-a-brac, glassware, etc.

Please place all acceptable items in tied bags before placing them in the bins. This will help insure the clothing stays clean and can be properly recycled.

7. Is all of the used clothing and textiles recyclable?

Clothing recycling is one of the most efficient recycling industries. Nearly 100% is recyclable.

About 50% of the clothing collected is recycled as second-
hand clothing.

20% is made into cleaning and polishing cloths for industrial use.

26% is recycled for use as fiber for insulation products, mattresses,
fiberboard, upholstery, and even re-woven into new textiles.

8. How often are the clothing recycling containers maintained?

Our trucks are on the road six days a week picking up clothing. We pride ourselves on keeping the area around the containers clean and tidy. Our drivers will take away everything found around the bins. Our drivers inspect the containers when they are emptied. Any containers that are damaged or show signs of vandalism are promptly repaired or replaced to maintain our professional image. To report a problem with a container, please call 800-353-6621.

9. How often are the containers emptied?

We carefully track our poundage to determine the best frequency of pick-ups which eliminates any overflow of bags around the container. We schedule all shopping centers to be emptied at a minimum Friday or Saturday and Monday, so they are clean before and after the weekends.

10. Do you give tax receipts?

No, we are unable to give tax receipts as we are not a non-for-profit organization. Please check with your tax advisor. In addition, you may be able receive a tax receipt from D.A.R.E. America which is a 501(c) 3 non for profit organization.

11. What if I want it removed?

Just call us and we will remove it promptly.

Who are we?

Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling (MAC) is a professional clothing recycling company. We’re committed to helping American’s achieve another important step in recycling. The recycling of used clothing and shoes.

We contribute to the environment by helping to keep millions of pounds of solid waste out of our nation’s landfills by making it safe, easy and convenient for communities to recycle used clothing.

Fundraising Opportunities

If you're a school, church or other type organization you can change your used clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into an easy and fun way to raise funds for your organization.

Property Managers

If you're a Property Manager, you'll find MAC Recycling a perfect partner to help provide recycling services to your tenants, customers and neighbors. MAC Recycling has a long history of success with Property Managers because of the service and maintenance
we provide.

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