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At MAC Recycling, we’re committed to helping the environment in every way we can. And we’re committed to helping you do the same.

Where it all began

The history of recycling is as old as the earth itself. The fact is the planet has been doing it since the planet began. Humans since humanity began. For instance, the ancient Egyptians wove new fabrics made from old mummy wrappings. Talk about reincarnation! Now fast forward five thousand years. Those mummies would be rolling over in the sarcophagus. The United States is a leader in garbage production. We fill 63,000 garbage trucks every day in this country. If they were lined up end-to-end, they would stretch 400 miles (Source: National Audubon Society). According to the EPA, that amounts to 220 million tons of garbage each year. Unfortunately, approximately 65% of that is entombed in landfills. At MAC, we know your garbage can be put to good use. A used sweater can warm a needy child in Pakistan or be recycled for the fiber and woven into a new blanket. A pair of used shoes can find its way to those in need in Africa, Haiti, or elsewhere. A stained, worn out t-shirt or sweatshirt, can be used as a cleaning rag for businesses. So clean out your closets. Dump your drawers. There’s so much you can do.

Though at MAC Recycling, we only recycle your used clothing, shoes, purses, belts and stuffed animals, other items that you can and should recycle in your community:

Aluminum cans


Automotive supplies
(from used motor oil to anti-freeze)



Cell phones


Construction materials



Glass bottles

Hazardous materials like paints, household chemicals and more

Ink and toner cartridges


Office supplies






And of course, cardboard and newspapers. If we all recycled our Sunday newspaper just one week per year that would save 550,000 trees! And if every American recycled their Sunday paper every week, we’d save about 26 million trees per year (Source: CA Department of Conservation). There’s definitely strength in numbers. So we invite you to send us your resourceful recycling tips, favorite articles or a recycling story that would inspire others to join the many Americans (like you and me) that are making a difference by making recycling, reusing and restoring part of their life — and the lives of others.

Recycling Tips for Teachers

Get the whole school to become “Waste Erasers.”
Here’s how to get the ball rolling:

Start from the top. Get support from the School Administration, involve the custodial staff from the beginning, and educate everyone along the way.


Work with a service in your community that offers recycling services. At MAC, we can help with everything from education to collection to school fundraising with regard to used clothing and used shoes.


Evaluate which recyclables are generated where to determine the best recycling bin locations. Here’s some high-volume areas:

  • Administrative offices: High-grade office paper, computer paper, cardboard, toner cartridges.
  • Classrooms: Mixed paper and in some schools bottles and cans.
  • Cafeteria: Cardboard, steel cans, aluminum cans, bottles, and plastics.
  • Library: Paper, magazines, books and newspapers.
  • Vending areas: Aluminum, glass and plastic containers.
Make sure recycling bins are well marked to ensure they will receive the intended recyclable material. Locate the bins close to trash containers in order to make the choice to recycle super easy. Most important, get everybody involved. Use your school newspaper, posters, web page, e-mail, school handbook and student assemblies to spread the word. Update students and staff on the progress of the recycling program in order to involve them and to demonstrate their contribution to improving the environment. And make sure you don’t forget to work with your custodial staff to develop a collection system that they will manage. Adding recyclables to a collection does not increase the amount of material generated. If not properly managed, recyclables may find their way back into the trash. Remember, when your school recycles, it can reduce the size of waste collection dumpsters and frequency of pickups. If recycling is implemented properly for every school in the district, the savings can be significant. You’ll be the hero.

Resources for teachers

Write a Rock-solid Recycling Proposal

How to write a recycling program proposal that’s guaranteed to be approved.

Alternative School Recycling Programs

Easy ways to get your school involved in recycling.

Kids Recycle

This website provides students, teachers, school administrators, local recycling coordinators and community activists with the tools that have been developed by their peers to achieve zero waste in their K-12 school systems.

Recycling Tips for Kids

Recycling isn’t just a smart thing to do, it’s a cool thing to do.

Because there’s nothing smarter or cooler that caring for the planet no matter what grade you’re in. After all, the future of our planet is your future too. So recycle all you can — and all your cans. Start at home and tell your parents, your friends and even your brothers and sisters that all of us need to pitch in. Remember the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Here’s how you can get recycling going in your home or school:

Recycling glass

Make sure you don’t recycle broken glass, just bottles that are unbroken because it’s hard to process and sort broken glass and other sharp objects. Broken glass can be dangerous for you and the people that need to pick it up. So not only be smart but be careful.


You may not know this but not all plastics are the same. In fact, just like everyone at your school, they’re in different grades. For example, plastics with number 1 and 2 recycling symbols are high-quality plastic and happen to be great candidates for recycling. Plastics that are marked with numbers from 3 to 8 are not good for recycling so don’t put them in the recycling bin.

Aluminium and metal objects

Most aluminum cans and other types of metal cans can be recycled. Clean them first before you recycle them. Remember if it’s a can, it can be recycled.


Only recycle dry, clean newspapers, not ones that are dirty or moldy. But just make sure your dad’s done reading the paper before you recycle it!
You can get started right now. It’s easy and fun to do. And remember to send us a photo or two or your recycling project. We’ll put it up right here on our website for all the world to see!

Cool Recyclinks for Kids

The Recycle Room

This interactive website is designed to teach you about the importance of recycling and solid waste management. Kids will love it!

Recycle It!

Craft ideas for 10 different household products, many that you can recycle. Recycling Page

Craft ideas using everything from old film canisters to walnut shells.

Trash to Treasure

A website from that collects links to many craft ideas for everyday household products.

Crafts from Recycled Products

From , you can find neat crafts for empty jars, a photo frame from a CD — and more.

Fun With Cardboard

Fun with cardboard. Thanks to Ms. Alexandra Martinez and the Students at Kent High School for the suggestion.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was the first environmentally-themed animated series created by Ted Turner. Gaia, the spirit of Earth, played by Whoopi Goldberg, awakens to find humans are destroying the planet. To save the Earth, she creates five magic rings, each with the power to control an element of nature and one controlling the extra element, heart.

Other resources

MAC in the news

Articles Worth Recycling

Patagonia: On The Road to 100% Recyclability.

How this clothing manufacturer is working to meet its goal of recycling 100 percent of its products by 2010.

How Recycling Works.

Introduction to recycling and its history.

How Organic Clothing Works.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about organic clothing — and more.

Organizations Making a Difference

Mother Earth News

Recycling news and everything you wanted to know about recycling – all in one place.


All about how environmental leader and outdoor clothing manufacturer, Patagonia, can transform your unusable garments into new clothing.

Green Eco Services

Your one click source for all things green.

The World Environmental Organization - Recycling Database

The World Environmental Organization is devoted to the preservation of the natural diversity of plant and animal species, and their habitats, through the prevention of environmental degradation and destruction.


Kiva is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. Kiva’s mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Earth is a one-stop shop for information about reducing your impact, reusing what you’ve got and recycling your trash. You can get involved in their world by checking in for daily news, reading weekly feature stories, surfing product channels and opting into their weekly emails.

Virginia Recycling Association

One of the leading resources of recycling information for the general public, local government, business, and industry in the state of Virginia.

Carpet Recycling: Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE)

CARE is a joint industry-government effort to increase the amount of recycling and reuse of post-consumer carpet and reduce the amount of waste carpet going to landfills.

Who are we?

Mid-Atlantic Clothing Recycling (MAC) is a professional clothing recycling company. We’re committed to helping American’s achieve another important step in recycling. The recycling of used clothing and shoes.

We contribute to the environment by helping to keep millions of pounds of solid waste out of our nation’s landfills by making it safe, easy and convenient for communities to recycle used clothing.

Fundraising Opportunities

If you're a school, church or other type organization you can change your used clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals into an easy and fun way to raise funds for your organization.

Property Managers

If you're a Property Manager, you'll find MAC Recycling a perfect partner to help provide recycling services to your tenants, customers and neighbors. MAC Recycling has a long history of success with Property Managers because of the service and maintenance
we provide.

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